Motivation for participation in health & wellbeing studies

coQoL: co-calibration of health outcomes and wearable behaviours

QoL: wearable data collection system

WellCo: physical health state assessment module

WellCo: risk awareness module

Frederiksberg Toastmasters: public speaking and leadership club

UbiComp longitudinal data collection workshop

CoME: dementia risk assessment module

Steps: mental health chatbot

CowCow: Smart contracts for meat and dairy

mQoL: mobile Quality of Life lab

Physio by Habitlab: mobile app for physiotherapy

Habitlab: digital framework for habit formation

Innosund: study on distributed coordination of elder care

Lendino: auction feature

F11: national computer science contest

FII Gamedev: game development club

TouriX: travel planner application

Regroop: application for creating bigger and bigger groups

.Campion: educational archive

Pulse: shooter scroller game

Zorah: temple showcase game

CPU: processor planner educational software

Jazzup: culture and art magazine

Polynomial Modelling Library

KMP: algorithm educational software

Counselling class: educational portal

Worldbase: STRABAG database model

DP: dynamic programming educational software

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