Zorah: temple showcase game

Context: part of the Digital Void Entertainment game development team

Duration: August 2007 – September 2007

Contributions: architect and storyteller, working in collaboration with Adrian Popovici, Paul Iacob, Petronela Iacob, Andrei Vîrlan, and Iulian Arcuș

Technology: PHP

Honour: first prize at the Gamedev|ro online national contest

Zorah was a temple showcase game. It included an medieval template situated on a remote island.

Contributions: architect and storyteller

  • Provided initial architectural sketches of a modern concept inspired by the works of Oscar Niemeyer in Brasilia and the various churches in our city.
  • Composed a poem in English about the origins temple (⅙ of the grading criteria for the contest where we submitted it was the story and we nailed it!).
  • Implemented the website for the project and conducted a basic social media campaign to obtain votes.

Technology: PHP

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, Javascript.
  • Storage: MySQL.
  • Environment: Dreamweaver.

Honour: national award

  • The game obtained the first prize at the Gamedev|ro national online contest (10 projects made it to the finish line and released).