WellCo: risk awareness module

Context: part of the H2020 WellCo European project

Duration: January 2018 – December 2020

Contribution: main developer, working in collaboration with Jamshed Gill and Prof. Katarzyna Wac

Technology: Java

The H2020 WellCo project (http://wellco-project.eu) helps and encourages the adoption of healthier behaviour choices to maintain or improve physical, cognitive, mental, and social well-being for individuals of senior age.

The Quality of Life technologies lab (https://www.qualityoflifetechnologies.com) where I conduct my PhD research owns the chronic disease risk awareness module in the WellCo software solution.

Contribution: main developer

  • Implemented state of the art (2017, 2019) models that assess the direct risk factors for cardiovascular, pancreatic, and pulmonary disease.
  • Developed a feature that generates “if you continue like this…” and “what if?” alternative behavioural scenarios of risk.
  • Developed a feature that provides minimal behaviour changes required to reduce the modifiable risk in each scenario.
  • Released the module with extensive test and documentation, processing data by a schedule in Madrid, Spain where the whole WellCo application is deployed.

Technology: Java

  • Environment: Eclipse.
  • Languages: Java, JSON.
  • Framework: Spring Boot.
  • Storage: MongoDB.
  • Integration: Withings.
  • Version control: Git.