TouriX: travel planner application

Context: case study at the University of Iasi

Duration: February 2010 – May 2010

Contribution: lead developer, working in collaboration with Codrin Dițu, Vlad Tudose, and Codruț Burdujoc

Technologies: PHP and Java

Outcome: the highest grade in the Web course at the University of Iasi

TouriX was a travel planner that allowed users to schedule their flights, hotels, events and car rentals, as well as add landmark checkpoints on a map by using results from web service APIs.

Contribution: lead developer

  • Developed several integrations with the web services, such as Google, Picasa, Kayak, and Panoramio, and integrated the modules developed by my colleagues.
  • Developed the Google map with a visualized itinerary having travel paths, visited checkpoints, and various landmarks.

Technologies: PHP + Java

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, Java, Javascript.
  • Environment: Eclipse.
  • Integrations: Google, Picasa, Kayak, Panoramio.
  • Storage: MySQL.


  • Obtained the grade 10/10 for the project in the Web course at the University of Iasi.