Regroop: application for creating bigger and bigger groups

Context: case study at the University of Iasi

Duration: April 2010 – May 2010

Contribution: user interface designer, working in collaboration with Mircea Pricop, Bogdan Gâza, Vlad Stoian, Oana Nițu, and Prof. Sabin Corneliu Buraga

Technology: CSS

Honour: mention at the national Imagine Cup software design contest

Regroop was a cloud application that allowed people to join and merge groups of more people towards increasing size to address goals of the Millennium Development Goals.

Contribution: user interface designer

  • Designed the user interface of the web app and the slide deck for the contest.
  • Helped the team qualify through a pre-selection to the national phase of Imagine Cup.
  • Team: Worked in a team with Mircea Pricop (lead developer), Bogdan Gâza (developer), and Vlad Stoian (developer), Oana Nițu (coach), and Sabin Buraga (professor).

Technology: CSS

  • Languages: CSS, HTML.
  • Environment: Dreamweaver.

Honour: national mention

  • The project obtained a mention the special award for connectivity at the national Imagine Cup software design contest (6 projects).