QoL: wearable data collection system

Context: Part of the Quality of Life Technologies Lab

Duration: January 2018 – December 2020

Contribution: main developer, working in collaboration with Allan Berrocal, Alexandre de Masi, and Prof. Katarzyna Wac

Technology: Java

The Quality of Life (QoL) technologies lab (https://www.qualityoflifetechnologies.com) is a leading academic laboratory recognized for interdisciplinary, inspirational, and high-impact research and education aimed at improving the Quality of Life of individuals throughout their lives.

Part of QoL, the mQoL Living lab (https://www.qualityoflifetechnologies.com/living-lab/) consists of smartphone and wearable users testing diverse applications and services towards improving Quality of Life.

Contribution: main developer

  • Developed Fitbit and Withings wearable data collectors that store the data locally from ad-hoc and pre-set studies conducted in the QoL lab with planned extensions for Polar and Garmin. 
  • Developed schedules for data collection, historic data collectors, data visualization dashboards, wearable data exporters, and other features.
  • Deployed these features at the University of Geneva and then with minimal adjustments at Stanford University.

Technology: Java

  • Environment: Eclipse.
  • Languages: Java, JSON.
  • Framework: Spring Boot.
  • Storage: MongoDB.
  • Integrations: Fitbit, Withings.
  • Version control: Git.