Pulse: shooter scroller game

Context: Part of the Digital Void Entertainment game development team

Duration: August 2009 – September 2009

Contribution: developer, working in collaboration with Adrian Popovici, Andrei Vîrlan, Ionel Bogdan, Paul Iacob, and Dragoș Vasiliu

Technology: C++

Honour: first prize at the Gamedev|ro national online contest

Pulse was a shoot ’em up game, located somewhere in space. It provided the player with the opportunity to customize the ship with a range of weapons and upgrades.

Contribution: developer

  • Designed the graphical user interface for the game.
  • Developed the logic in the garage of the spaceship.
  • Designed a smarter enemy movement, defined by a series of circular paths, used by our level developer created from easy to insanely hard levels.

Technology: C++

  • Language: C++.
  • Framework: Esenthel.
  • Environment: Visual Studio.

Honour: national award

  • The game obtained the first prize at the Gamedev|ro national online contest (5 projects made it to the finish line and released).