Physio by Habitlab: mobile app for physiotherapy

Context: part of the Habitlab startup for behaviour change

Duration: May 2016 – July 2016

Contribution: lead developer, working with Christina Lauer, Marc Emil Domar, and 15 junior professionals

Technology: Swift

Habitlab was a startup aimed at helping people, organizations, and the healthcare sector use healthy habits as a catalyst for positive change.

Physio was Habitlab’s first specialized iOS application for the healthcare sector, to help physiotherapists increase the compliance of their patients through custom, 1:1 programs.

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Contribution: head of development

  • Developed the application based on the findings from participatory design sessions with one physiotherapist. The programs included steps, repetitions, groups, and other parts with imagery of a physiotherapy program.
  • Developed program schedulers by reusing the habit formation framework in a context with physiotherapists and their patients.

Technology: Swift

  • Platform: iOS.
  • Environment: Xcode.
  • Language: Swift.
  • Storage: Amazon Web Services.
  • Analytics: Google, Heap, Segment, Intercom, Mixpanel.
  • Design: Invision.
  • Social: Facebook.