KMP: algorithm educational software

Context: Part of the High school of computer science Iasi

Duration: April 2008 – June 2008

Contribution: main developer, working in collaboration with Vlad Tudose, Andrei Albeșteanu, Prof. Emanuela Cerchez, and Prof. Marinel Șerban

Technology: Flash

Honour: first prize at the national Siveco Cup educational software contest

Result: acquired and added to the national Advanced e-Learning system

The KMP algorithm educational software is a web application that simulates and explains string pattern matching algorithms (naive algorithm, prefix function, Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm) and runs them step by step on carefully selected examples as well as evaluates student understanding continuously and at the end.

Contribution: main developer

  • Implemented the core functionality and most modules of the software.
  • Led the team of students and integrated the graphics and examples from my colleagues.

Technology: Flash

  • Languages: Actionscript, XML.
  • Environment: Flash.

Honour: national award

  • The software won the first prize at the “Vision 2020” Siveco Cup educational software national contest (a selective venue with 20 finalist projects).
  • The software was showcased at, and we participated to the Online Educa Berlin global conference in education and training.

Result: acquired

  • The Siveco company later acquired an improved version of the software translated in English.
  • The software (lesson and evaluation modules) were added to the national Advanced e-Learning (AeL) system (developed by Siveco Romania and offered by the Ministry of Education of Romania), where most if not all schools have access.

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