Innosund: study on distributed coordination of elder care

Context: research project at the University of Copenhagen

Duration: August 2014 – January 2016

Contribution: researcher and developer, working in collaboration with Andreas Johansen, Frederik Lauridsen, Konstantin Slavin-Borovskij, and Prof. Troels Mønsted

Technology: Javascript

Outcomes: qualified for the University of Copenhagen Innovation Hub, the highest grade in 2 courses, and 3 publications

Innosund was a research study of the distributed coordination in Danish care centers. Conducted the research project at the Health Informatics group, Department of computer science, University of Copenhagen. The activities started as a research project, took a startup turn, and then returned to being a research project.

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Contribution: researcher and developer

  • Performed fieldwork, observations, participatory design, prototyping in 3 care centres (15+ people interviewed collectively by the team).
  • Co-designed and implemented a high-fidelity and high-accuracy prototype turned pilot project.

Technology: Javascript

  • Languages: Javascript, JSON.
  • Framework: Node.js, Sails.js.
  • Storage: MongoDB.

Outcomes: innovation hub, highest grade, and publications

  • Innosund qualified for the UCPH innovation hub by selection.
  • Obtained the grade 12/12 for the initial project in the IT Innovation and Change course at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Obtained the grade 12/12 for the continuation of the project in the Topics in Innovation course at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Published our results as a paper, workshop, and poster at three international conference, two of them being leading venues in the fields of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) cscw and Information Systems (IS).