DP: dynamic programming educational software

Duration: March 2006

Contribution: main developer, working in collaboration with Ioana Marțin, Vlad Tudose, Prof. Emanuela Cerchez, and Prof. Marinel Șerban

Technology: Flash

Honour: mention at the county Infoeducation contest

The software explained three classic dynamic programming problems on examples, step by step: the discrete knapsack, the 2-3 step walk, and the triangle maximum sum.

Contribution: main developer

  • Implemented the educational software and algorithms to be run step by step.
  • Integrated the input examples from my colleagues.
  • Team: Worked with Ioana Martin (student), Vlad Tudose (student), Emanuela Cerchez (professor) and Marinel Șerban (professor).

Technology: Flash

  • Languages: Actionscript, XML.
  • Environment: Adobe Flash.

Honours: local mention

  • The software received a mention at the county phase of the Infoeducation contest.