CPU: processor planner educational software

Context: case study at the University of Iasi

Duration: March 2009 – May 2009

Contribution: lead developer, working in collaboration with Codrin Dițu and Codruț Burdujoc

Technology: Flash

Outcomes: second prize at the local FII competition, the highest grade in a course

The CPU planner educational software simulated scheduling algorithms for the processor such as shortest job first (SJF) and round-robin (RR), with preemption and other flavors.

Contribution: lead developer

  • Implemented the majority of strategies and the full-stack of the project.

Technology: Flash

  • Languages: Actionscript, XML.
  • Environment: Flash.

Outcomes: local award and highest grade

  • Obtained the second prize at the yearly Faculty competition (FII Competition).
  • Used in the Operating Systems courses of the next year.
  • Obtained the grade 10/10 in the Operating Systems course at the University of Iasi.