CowCow: Smart contracts for meat and dairy

Context: case study at the University of Copenhagen

Duration: August 2018

Contribution: back-end developer, working in collaboration with Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Emil von Buchwald, Martin Juel Nielsen, and Christian Kjær Larsen

Technology: Solidity

Outcome: the highest grade in the Blockchain Technologies Summer School

This project showcases a solution on how blockchain can be used to leverage supply chain management through a reliable product history implemented as a distributed ledger. Specifically, it targets the Danish dairy supply chain, and how it solves the arising demand for transparency and increased productivity across stakeholders.

See the code on Github.

Contribution: back-end developer

  • Designed the blockchain rules using a distributed ledger.
  • Implemented the smart contracts and their tests.
  • Implemented the ERC token transfer mechanism.

Technology: Solidity

  • Language: Solidity.
  • Frameworks: Ethereum, Ganache.

Outcome: highest grade

  • Obtained the grade 12/12 for the project in the Blockchain Technologies summer school at the University of Copenhagen.