coQoL: co-calibration of health outcomes and wearable behaviours

Context: part of the Quality of Life Technologies Lab

Duration: January 2018 – December 2020

Contribution: main researcher and developer, working in collaboration with Prof. Katarzyna Wac and others

Technology: Python

The Quality of Life (QoL) technologies lab ( is a leading academic laboratory recognized for interdisciplinary, inspirational, and high-impact research and education aimed at improving the Quality of Life of individuals throughout their lives.

Developed in the QoL lab, coQoL is a research method that allows the co-calibration of patient-reported health outcomes and wearable technology-reported behavioural markers by using patterns of statistical correlations.

Contribution: main researcher and developer

  • Applied the method on a dataset of 42 senior participants in a European project by performing data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Published 1 paper and 1 poster, and submitted 1 paper on co-calibrations with health outcomes.
  • Planning additional research on two other datasets, one in academia and one in the industry.