Motivation for participation in health & wellbeing studies

coQoL: co-calibration of health outcomes and wearable behaviours

QoL: wearable data collection system

WellCo: physical health state assessment module

WellCo: risk awareness module

Frederiksberg Toastmasters: public speaking and leadership club

UbiComp longitudinal data collection workshop

CoME: dementia risk factors module

Steps: mental health chatbot

CowCow: Smart contracts for meat and dairy

mQoL: mobile Quality of Life lab

Physio by Habitlab: mobile app for physiotherapy

Habitlab: software ecosystem for habit formation

Innosund: study on distributed coordination of elder care

Lendino: auction feature

F11: national computer science contest

FII Gamedev: game development club

TouriX: travel planner application

Regroop: application for creating bigger and bigger groups

.Campion: educational archive

Pulse: shooter scroller game

Zorah: temple showcase game

CPU: processor planner educational software

Jazzup: culture and art magazine

Polynomial Modelling Library

KMP: algorithm educational software

Counselling class: educational portal

Worldbase: STRABAG database model

DP: dynamic programming educational software

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Public Speaking

🇩🇰 Prepared Speech Workshop. Vlad Manea, Taregh Jasemian (on behalf of Learn Public Speaking Academy). Copenhagen Business School’s Model United Nations Academy, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark, October 2022 | Slides

🇩🇰 Impromptu Speech Workshop. Vlad Manea, Taregh Jasemian (on behalf of Learn Public Speaking Academy). Copenhagen Business School’s Model United Nations Academy, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark, March 2022 | Article | Slides

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

🇩🇰 Startup Pitch Workshop. Vlad Manea. Presentation for the IT Infrastructure master course, Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen. February 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark | Slides

🇩🇰 Habitlab Startup Life (Habitlab IvS Liv). Vlad Manea. Presentation, Danish language course, Sprogcenter Hellerup. October 2017, Lyngby, Denmark | Slides

🇩🇰 Prototyping. Vlad Manea. Invited lectures for the Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship master course. UCPH Innovation Hub. December 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark | Page

Software Engineering

🇷🇴 Cultural exchange. A web-enhanced better living. Codrin Dițu, Mădălina Lazăr, Vlad Manea, Anca Roșcan, Sabin Buraga. AIdeas paper session of the Winter Olympics on artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems. AIWO 2011, January 2011, București, Romania. First prize winner | Slides

🇷🇴 Regroop Web Platform. Mircea Pricop, Bogdan Gâza, Vlad Manea, Vlad Stoian. National Imagine Cup software design contest organized by Microsoft, February 2010, București, Romania | Slides

🇷🇴 Worldbase. Vlad Manea, Ioana Marțin, Corina Dumea, Dragoș Vasiliu, Emanuela Cerchez. National data modeling competition organized by Oracle, March 2008, București, Romania. Best presentation award | Slides

Game Development

🇷🇴 Graph? Gamedev: Null. Vlad Manea, Radu Gagos. FII Gamedev game development club, Faculty of computer science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, 2010 | Slides

🇷🇴 Introduction to Game Development (Introducere în Game Development). Adrian Popovici, Vlad Manea. Representing Microsoft Student Partners, Faculty of computer science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi at Science Week, “Costache Negruzzi” national college Iasi, 2010 | Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 Video6 Video7 Video8

🇷🇴 Object-Oriented Programming (Programare Orientată pe Obiecte). Vlad Manea. FII Gamedev game development club, Faculty of computer science, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, 2009 | Slides

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Educational Software

.campion Educational Archive. Vlad Manea, Emanuela Cerchez, Marinel Șerban. National conference on virtual learning. CNIV 2009, Iasi, Romania. Excellence award. ISSN 1842-4708. 8 pages | Article | Award


The .campion Educational Archive is a set of educational resources for performance training in computer science, intended for teachers and students who want the process to be simple and efficient. The varied level of difficulty, the diversity of the topics covered, as well as the available feedback give the .campion Educational Archive the potential of an efficient tool for students’ and teachers’ daily activity in the classroom. The .campion educational program has helped new and new generations of students achieve important results at the national and international Olympiad. Some of them then became problem set authors, continuing the preparation at the other end of the process.

Counselling Class Educational Portal. Vlad Manea, Alexandru Periețanu, Vlad Constantinescu, Claudia Cărăușu, Emanuela Cerchez. National conference on virtual learning. CNIV 2008, Constanta, Romania. Intel Education award. ISSN 1842-4708. 8 pages | Article | Award


Data Analysis

Head of Data Analysis at Steps · Jan 2018 – Oct 2018 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Led the data analysis at Steps, a startup that made mental health fun, actionable, and accessible by giving users insights and tools for social confidence.

• Collected, analyzed, and reported usage data from two customer pilot projects.
• Redesigned or implemented features that reduced designer work and errors in our chatbot.
• Participated by selection in the University of Copenhagen Innovation Hub.

Technologies: javascript, node, aws, jql, git.

Software Engineering

Head of engineering, co-founder at Habitlab · Oct 2015 – Jul 2016 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Led the tech people and processes. Developed a software ecosystem at Habitlab, a startup and habit management platform to help people use good habits as a catalyst for change.

• Developed a software ecosystem: a web framework, two published iOS apps, and a web app.
• Achieved a new feature release cadence of under one week, close to Apple’s review time.
• Led five part-time software developers and helped them learn, develop, and have fun.
• Managed the agile scrum, kanban, pair coding, code review, and version control processes.
• Participated by selection in Thinkubator Singularity Nordic (10 startups, 7% acceptance).

Technologies: javascript, node, sails, react, swift, mongo, aws, git.


Software Engineering

Senior software engineer at AudienceProject · Jan 2021 – Present · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Developing a state-of-the-art cloud deep learning project that brings light to the dark of advertising by measuring campaigns across media channels without tracking users. The project is one of the most complex endeavors in the company. We have productionized its first iteration.

Deep learning engineering (8 months):
• Designed, developed, and deployed a new deep learning project in the AWS cloud.
• Co-owning the project with our brilliant data scientist (ideas, optimizations, architecture).
• Designed the architecture as a pipeline with features, examples, training, and inference.
• Added modern infrastructure, test automation, documentation, and cost reductions.
• Size: 34B entries, 2K features, 200M training examples, 96M inference examples weekly.

Large-scale data analysis (1 year):
• Enabled the management to understand critical insights from the data in the company.
• Analysed/reported large-scale data (billions of data points) by advanced query/optimization.
• Experimented with resolution heuristics across fragmented identity spaces.

Infrastructure improvement (3 months):
• Modernised our continuous deployment, experimenting, facilitating, and documenting.
• Modernised the infrastructure of another deep-learning project critical for the company.

Technologies: scala, spark, python, mxnet, databricks, aws, circleci, git.

Research software developer at the University of Copenhagen · Jan 2018 – Dec 2020 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Developed end-to-end three modules in the AAL-CoME and H2020-WellCo European projects for the equivalent of one year full-time.

• Developed a physical health module with surveys, guidelines, and wearable monitoring.
• Developed a chronic risk module with surveys, wearables, and recent models (2018, 2019).
• Developed a dementia risk factors module with complex surveys for ten outcomes.

Technologies: java, spring, python, mongo, git.

Software developer at Alipes Capital · Aug 2016 – Dec 2017 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Developed tools for Alipes Capital, an innovative company that works in the financial technology sector. It uses market news releases to trade fast: “every millisecond counts for victory!”

• Developed a link predictor that ran in 1 second and discovered 100+ valid news links/quarter.
• Optimized our internal workbench tool, decreasing its runtime from 40 to 5 minutes.
• Developed custom file parsers that ran under one millisecond using heuristics.
• Implemented algorithms, data structures, and heuristics daily.
• Learned software design from the best developer I know.

Technologies: .net stack, c#, mssql, ants, git.

Student developer at e-conomic · Dec 2013 – Sep 2015 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Developed and tested software during my master’s as part of the machine learning, platform, and user interface teams at e-conomic, Denmark’s most intuitive accounting program.

• Upgraded .NET libraries, decreasing the build time by 35% on developer machines.
• Wrote an interpreter that converted 1.200 tests between javascript dialects.
• Developed microservices that broadcasted events between analytics tools.
• Prototyped account classification models in Azure machine learning.
• Worked with an agile process with scrum and kanban.

Technologies: .net, c#, javascript, node, react, mssql, azure, git.

Software engineering intern at Google · Jun 2013 – Sep 2013 · Mountain View, California, United States of America 🇺🇸

Developed a feature as part of the Google+ external APIs team.

• Developed the API to create Google+ and Picasa accounts used by (est.) 100.000 devices.
• Organized a Q&A event about Google that gathered an engineering director and 30 interns.

Technology: java.

Software development engineer at Microsoft · Nov 2012 – May 2013 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Developed software features as part of two teams for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Pilot 15 product: user experience refresh and localization.

• Built user interface controls recurring on all pages or the application’s main page.
• Refreshed 20+ existing user interface controls to the Microsoft Modern Design.
• Guided our user experience designer to deliver all necessary assets on time and on quality.
• Reconciled dates and times to a uniform timezone across the product stack and features.
• Worked in an agile process with scrum, kanban, and pair programming (both lead and led).

Technologies: .net, c#, javascript, mssql.

Software development engineer in test at Microsoft · Jan 2012 – Oct 2012 · Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Tested software as part of two teams for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 product: client core and client application.

• Created environments in virtual machines for manual feature testing in the team.
• Developed tests as part of the acceptance test-driven development process for new features.
• Worked in an agile process with scrum and kanban.

Technology: c/al.

Software development engineer intern at Amazon · Dec 2010 – Jun 2011 · Iasi, Romania 🇷🇴

Developed software as part of the platform team during my bachelor’s.

• Implemented perl scripts to persist internal frequent query results using the internal DNS.
• Implemented a cloud web app for ordering food with a team of interns.

Technologies: java, jsp, perl, aws.