Vlad Manea

Senior software engineer at AudienceProject • PhD in computer science at the University of Copenhagen — software engineer • data scientist • technical entrepreneur • community leader

Software Developer

Currently, senior software engineer at AudienceProject in Copenhagen. Software engineering experience from Alipes and Microsoft in Copenhagen, and internships at Amazon, and Google, abroad. Part of over 10 teams and products, 80% back-end and 20% front-end.

Data Scientist

PhD in computer science at the University of Copenhagen with research in mobile health, wearable computing, and statistical modelling. Head of data analysis at the Steps mental health startup and research with the Vital Beats digital healthcare startup.

Technical Entrepreneur

Co-founder of two startups. Habitlab was a software ecosystem aimed at helping you manage good habits. Here I implemented a software ecosystem of a framework and 3 apps. Learn Public Speaking Academy helps you learn to speak in public through basic, advanced, and specialized programs.

Community Leader

Board member and mentor in several Toastmasters public speaking clubs meeting in English, Danish, and Spanish. Developed the .campion educational archive and other acquired educational software to learn algorithms and national impact.

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